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New proximity readers

  • 13/09/2011 12:00 pm

At the very heart of Technology and Design, CDVI are launching a new generation of proximity readers.

New proximity readers

The latest access control products introduced by CDVI are multi-protocol proximity readers (Electro-Marin or Mifare®), packed with the latest technology and design features.


With a totally innovative design, exclusive to CDVI, these proximity readers have been awarded the Observeur du Design 11 quality label and are revolutionizing the market with their curved outlines, glossy white finish and reflective back-lighting.

Technology wise, the Wiegand 26, 30 and 44-bit format communications protocol adapts perfectly to the major systems available on the market.
Always aiming to develop specific solutions in compliance with legislation protecting people with reduced mobility, CDVI has added a built-in audio signal and light code to its products.
Featuring polycarbonate housings, these proximity readers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Intended for use in the commercial and industry sectors as well as in public access buildings, THIs innovative range of products is the result of work carried out by the CDVI  Research & Development Department.
All details and technical information concerning these proximity readers can be found in the new CDVI catalogue.
They are covered by a Lifetime Warranty*, which also applies to all of their listed products.
* check the details and registration conditions for the Lifetime warranty on-line at

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