Who is CDVI?
Company headquarters in Pantin (France).

CDVI Group,

Creator of electronic access solutions

A French SME with international influence, a manufacturer of solutions for access control and locking systems since 1985, CDVI Group maintains market leadership, innovation and cutting-edge design under the guidance of founder and CEO David Benhammou.

Since its creation, the company has showed continued growth, and currently employs 250 international employees, a dozen sales offices worldwide and generates more than forty million euros in turnover.

Our company has a major advantage in being able to control all product line development phases: from product design to distribution.

We offer complete solutions in the field of safety of people and goods. To maintain leadership status, we dedicate twenty percent of our annual investment to research and development.
Added value
As a sales support provider, our Consultation and Training Service offers advice and assistance for upstream product development.

We are present in every continent through our sales offices and our production centers.

Five sectors: Commercial, Industrial, Public buildings, Multi-tenancy buildings and private residences.

Primary sales force contacts include distributors of electrical equipment and low-voltage products, security companies, computer and telephone network providers and hardware dealers.

We manufacture the world’s largest and most complete range of access control and locking under flagship brands that have upheld the company’s reputation for over twenty-five years : Centaur®, Terena®, Digiway®, Digicode®, Vigik®, Digiprox®, Navy®, Erone®, Firelock®.

Concerned about the environment, our strategy directs the Group towards a more responsible industry. Our commitments to eco-recognized organizations make our group a major player in our eco-friendly industry.

Quality label
Since 2010, the “Lifetime Warranty*” label offers a warranty extension for all products and solutions.

CDVI Group, personnel, solutions to the security service.

*”Lifetime Warranty”: see specific terms.