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How does CDVI Group market its products?

Via a network of distributors (France & International) for "low power" or "hardware products" markets.

How to find the nearest distributor or fitter?

To find the nearest distributor or fitter in your geographical area, consult the contact tab.

Who prescribes CDVI products?

The research departments, architects, fitters and distributors.

Who can advise me on how to workout my specifications?

The CDVI Group prescription-training service – (prescripteur@cdvi.com) and the CDVI regional or Country representative.

What are the conditions of warranty at CDVI Group?

• The equipment from our manufacturer is given a warranty from 1 to 5 years for standard products from the catalogue.
• Since 1st July 2010, an extended warranty under the label « Lifetime warranty »* is applied to all products featuring in the 49th edition of the catalogue, by registering on the CDVI Extranet or on the card integrated in all our product packaging.

Download the registration card and « Lifetime warranty » conditions from the catalogue.

What are the general sales conditions of CDVI Group?

Download the form « general sales conditions » from the catalogue.

What type of products does CDVI Group manufacture?

Access control on-line and stand alone, biometric readers, Digicode® keypads, Vigik®, telephone entry systems, automated doors, radio & infra-red systems, locking devices, power supplies, fire system components and accessories.

What is access control?

Access control is a computer system which consists of associating right of access to goods or people at a given site, completely safe and by authorisation (password, card, key, biometry....). Access control can be logical (computer system, operating system or a specific application) and / or physical (building, premises).

What are the flagship makes of CDVI Group?

Terena®, Digiway®, Digicode®, Vigik®, Centaur®, Diax®, Bergdata®, Erone®.

What is the approach of CDVI Group towards standards & certification?

All CDVI Group products respond to European & International standards & certification:

• CE Certification,
• R&TTE Certification,
• IP Code (International Protection Rating) - (International Standard IEC 60529),
• Environmental test methods - salt spray (standard EN 50130-5),
• Certification FCC (Federal Communications Commission) CFR 47 part 15 compliance,
• Environmental test methods - temperature (standard EN 50130-5),
• Environmental test methods - vibrations (standard EN 50130-5),
• Accessibility standards, certification UL,
• Certification DEEE (WEEE) & RDS (RoHS).