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Which department do I contact regarding my order?

A simple email to the department involved or by telephone in the contact tab of the site.

There is no Group CDVI entity in my Country, who do I contact?

The Export Service based at the registered office in Pantin – France – export@cdvi.com

How can I receive documentations?

All documentations are accessible on the Extranet. Fast and easy, you can download all the information you are looking for.

What are the accessibility criteria for the Extranet?

This preferential area allows you to receive an access code to the Extranet through simple registration. This way you can connect at any time and have access to all the information.

What are the jobs within Group CDVI?

CDVI Group, a French company with an international dimension, integrates all the manufacturing and marketing processes. The jobs relating to these areas are very broad and specific: Production, Commerce, Research & Development, Administration & Finance, Marketing & Communication.

How to become part of the team at Group CDVI?

Send a CV and cover letter to the « join us » link.

Who to contact?

The distributor in direct contact with the marketing and technical teams from CDVI Group, is the preferential intermediary for After Sales Service. A hotline is at your disposal from Monday to Friday at your nearest entity.

What is the procedure for After Sales Service return?

The return of a defective product is imperatively made via the integrated fitter at your approved distributor who registers the order for the ASS cover and passes it on to the manufacturer.

Who are the clients of CDVI Group?

3 levels of clients on the national & international network: distributors, fitters and users (end client).

What are the target environments for products from CDVI Group?

5 target markets: Tertiary, Industrial, ERP (Establishments Receiving Public), Residential complex and premises.